Topic: Innovation

Time to take a look behind the ‘social licence’ buzzword

The debate about the corporate ‘social licence’ and overhaul of shareholder primacy has confused directors about the action they need to take right now to comply with their duties while also leading to calls for law reform that may do more harm than good. What is the problem? Post-Hayne Royal Commission, one can barely go … Continue Reading

Results released from 2019 Reputational Risk Australia survey report

What does reputational risk mean to Australian organisations? Read our Reputational Risk Australia report to find out. When it comes to questions of reputation in the workplace, the shadow of the Hayne Royal Commission hangs heavy over major Australian organisations. In the year of Hayne’s landmark report on the conduct of Australian financial institutions, measuring, … Continue Reading

Measuring culture: It’s more than just about the vibe

Have you noticed people beginning to roll their eyes at the mere mention of ‘culture’? 2020 is fast approaching, offering a fresh start for entities thrust into the spotlight by the Hayne Royal Commission and scrutinised in the commentary that ensued. But culture is an elusive concept and, having poked and prodded at it throughout … Continue Reading